As stepping into a new age, we – Titan Technology confidently comes with a promise of bringing creativity, professionalism, and strong work ethic in all services.

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Titan Football Competition is beginning of all activities for first celebration, all Titan members gave everything they have to take part in amazing football games. It was so relaxing and enjoyable.

Congratulations to “Born to Win” for their excellent spirit which made them the champion of the Titan Football Competition.

Outweighed the practicing time, the competitors’ enthusiasm brought us such a wonderful weekend to enjoy exciting matches at Titan Badminton Competition.

Lasted for about two weeks, Titan Foosball Competition really roused the whole company. Congratulations to “Plutonium” for winning the team prize.

Last but not least, the company trip – the trip to remember. Titan family had a trip for all members can relax and connect with interesting team building activities. We had a company trip with a lot of memorable moments.

The surprise Happy Birthday song of board of management with the lovely melody still echoes everywhere. It was such an ice-breaking performance which started the Gala Dinner in an extremely fantastic way.

We ended the anniversary month with indescribable feelings and left us more motivation to strive to be better. Looking back on a year gone by, Titan would like to give a special thanks to all members. Titan couldn’t have done it without the contribution from all of you. May you continue to inspire Titan for many years to come. And may you always remember how much you are needed, respected and valued.

Happy 1st birthday!