As the Year of the Ox is fast-approaching, we all can feel the holiday spirit in the air. With the purpose of contributing and helping poor students and families with difficult circumstances to enjoy a warm Tet (lunar new year) holiday, Titan Technology Corporation was hand in hand to support those special cases by selling lucky pockets, cash donation, and support from the Company.

On the Tet holiday, children and elders are traditionally given lì xì (red pocket) containing “lucky money”, meant to represent good wishes and lucks for the new year ahead. That was why for the “Tet Charity Sale”, we sold red pocket with Titan's exclusive design and all profits from selling lucky pocket was used in our first charity journey of 2021 "XUAN AM AP - TET YEU THUONG".

Titan Technology Corporation, represented by Mr. Nguyen Tan Thanh - CEO and Hai Tien Steel Iron Trading Co., Ltd, represented by Mr. Huynh Tien-Director, in a corporation to organize this meaningful charity journey to Dinh Quan – Dong Nai province.

We went directly to Dinh Quan district, Dong Nai province and handed gifts, red pockets, and health insurance cards for disadvantaged students, people with disabilities and serious diseases on February 5 & 6, 2021:

-50 gifts worth 700,000 VND / piece were given to each student at a school located in remoted town, in the border area of Cat Tien National Forest, 20-25 km away from National Highway.

-11 gifts worth VND 1,000,000 / piece were given to special local cases.

-15 health insurance cards were given to disadvantaged student.

The gifts were considered as practical support for those disadvantaged people to welcome a full and happy Tet holiday, especially in this difficult time.

Below are some pictures of our journeys:

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