Titan Technology Corporation

We provide

Professional and trusted services with cost-effective and exceptional expertise to deal with any complexities in scalable projects

Software Development

Develop software applications from business ideas to deployment, develop based on product definition, the initial designs, or develop modules with multiple teams for concurrent development thus reducing time to market.

Maintenance and support

Maintain, enhance, and develop new features of existing software applications. We also provide services to migrate from the legacy systems to new technologies to help improve performance and add benefits to the client's businesses.

Software Testing

Provide all kind of testing services including automation tool development, enhancement and execution to assure the quality of our client’s products.

Engagement Models

We provide flexible business engagement models for offshore software testing and development services. They can be altered or combined at any stages of the business engagement.

Dedicated Team

  • Dedicated professional team work for your projects.
  • Virtual extension of your engineering team.
  • Flexible task assignments based on your needs.
  • Stable and scalable resources.
  • Budget is measured in man-months.
  • The separate team of professionals will work over your project.

Fixed cost

  • Task assignments are defined clearly at the requirements.
  • Project schedule is planned clearly.
  • Budget is fixed based on requirements.
  • Fixed project budget (measured in man hours) and time limits.

Time & Material

  • Flexible task assignments based on your needs within time limits.
  • Adjustable and designated resources.
  • Budget is flexible and can be adjusted based on your requirements.
  • Stable and scalable resources.
  • Budget is measured in man-months.
  • Project budget is flexible and can be adjusted according to your requirements.
We always hunger for new idea creation by providing facilities for product development and an environment where creativity leverages our skills and services.