On the morning of May 20th, at the Lam Son’s office, Titan in collaboration with the Ho Chi Minh Blood Donation Center organized the program “Humanitarian Blood Donation 2024”. This event contributed to spreading love, compassion and raising awareness about social responsibility.

Blood Donation program achieved great success with enthusiastic responses from numerous members. The number of participating employees is evidence of the spirit of unity and strong dissemination of support to the community by the people of Titan.

On behalf of Titan Company, the host organization sincerely thanks the noble gesture of all members who participated in this meaningful program. Besides that, we also extend our gratitude to the members who were willing to join, even though some were unable to donate blood due to health reasons

This event brought significant value for Titan to continue maintaining this activity in the future. By joining hands, we aim to bring life to many people while spreading the humanitarian values of blood donation.