The eagerly awaited trip, which had been planned since the start of the year, was expected to be a restorative break after demanding workdays. It also gave Titan members a stage on which to connect and fortify ties, promoting harmony and solidarity as a theme “Titan Warrior – From Challenge to Opportunity”


The event took place over two days and one night at the luxurious Asteria Resort in the charming seaside city of Phan Thiet. With its wide beaches and gorgeous surroundings, Titan members enjoyed peaceful times with their friends, families, and coworkers while sharing stories about their businesses and engaging in recreational activities at the resort. The company's lively and unified spirit was on display at the Gala Dinner, which included entertaining games, group dances, and captivating performances by gifted Titan’s employees. To turn obstacles into opportunities and reach new heights in the next ten years of business operations, Titan members embodied the traits of a "Titan Warrior": unity, trust, and fortitude.


Despite its short duration, the memories and impact are long-lasting. The trip ended with a warm farewell as the members headed back to Da Lat and Ho Chi Minh City to begin their new ventures. Additionally, The journey created priceless memories, lasting"Warrior spirits’, and unforgettable experiences for Titan’s community.

Let’s look back with us at the wonderful moments of the trip with Titan via the “Company Trip 2024” link on our YouTube channel.