In the cozy Capella Gallery Hall, all managers and employees came together to enjoy delicious food and music, reflect on the past year, and set goals for the next decade. A particular highlight was the choir performance "Xuan yeu thuong – Tet dong day”, which brought smiles and excitement to the room as everyone enjoyed the unique and creative entertainment. Furthermore, the event was a heartwarming occasion for leadership where outstanding individuals and teams were honored for their remarkable contributions in 2023.

In recognition of the tireless efforts of our team members, the management team has decided to show their appreciation by presenting nearly 100 employees who have demonstrated long-term service and made significant contributions to the company with the iPhone 15. This gesture serves as a token of our gratitude for their dedication to the company's success.

The last anticipated part of this evening was the lucky draw, which was performed by Lô tô artists, and boosted the excitement of the party. With over 10 valuable technology prizes, Titan members were excited to participate and hoped to be among the luckiest guys to receive gifts.

The Year-end party 2023 ended with unforgettable moments, both elation and a touch of nostalgia among the members. We hope that we will conquer new heights and overcome challenges together in 2024. Wishing Titan Technology Corporation family a new year full of good health, joy, wealth, and success.

Let’s look back with us at the wonderful moments of the party via the “Year End Party 2023” link on our YouTube channel.